What should my baby wear to bed?

‘What should my baby wear to bed? and ‘how do I keep my baby cool in summer?’ are two common question we get from parents.

We love the Summer months, but it can be challenging to keep our babies and little children cool and content in the hot weather. During the day we want to protect our little ones from the sun and keep them cool. At night we want to help them feel comfortable so that they can sleep soundly, ready for another day of fun!

Ideally, we want to keep the temperature of their bedroom between 16°C and 20°C at night. Not only is this the optimal temperature for safer sleep, this also works with the bodies natural desire to be cooler when we sleep. However, this isn’t always possible when we encounter a heatwave.

What can we do when the weather heats up and temperatures are soar above the ideal? One of the most important things we can do is make sure our babies are dressed for the temperature of their room. Our ‘What should my baby wear to bed?’ guide below will help you decide what clothes and layers your little one needs to sleep in.

What should my baby wear to bed?

Dressing your baby in a specially designed sleeping bag can help you feel confident you are using the right tog rating for the temperature.

Remember, every baby is different and their response to room temperatures can vary. The information above is a guide only – check on your baby regularly to make sure they aren’t too hot or too cold.

Feel your baby’s chest or the back of their neck (your baby’s hands and feet will usually be cooler, which is normal). If your baby’s skin is hot or sweaty, remove one or more layers of bedclothes or bedding.

Make sure there is good airflow in your baby’s room, opening the window/door if it is safe to do so.

Keeping curtains and blinds closed during the day can help keep the room as cool as possible. You can then open them again to help with air flow at night.

If using a fan, place it well away from your baby and don’t let it blow directly onto them. ⠀

It is very common for our sleep to be disrupted by the heat and for little ones to wake up early, so try not to feel stressed if that is the case.

Want more support with your child’s sleep?

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