Signs Your Child Is Not Ready for Potty Training

signs your baby is not ready to potty train

Before we get deeper into signs your child isn’t ready to start potty training, lets begin with our biggest potty training tip. 

Not all children are ready to start potty training at the same time. There is no set age when children are magically ready for potty training.

While some toddlers seem eager to get started, others may need a bit more time and preparation.

We’re here to help you figure out if your little one might need a bit more preparation and time before taking the plunge into potty training.

So, let’s kick off with what we mean by being ready to potty train…

What is potty training readiness?

Potty training readiness is when your child is physically, developmentally, and behaviourally ready to start using the potty.

Physically, your child needs to be able to have some control their bladder and bowels. This means they need to be able to hold their pee and poo for longer periods of time.

Developmentally, your child needs to be able to understand and follow instructions. They also need to be able to communicate their needs to you.

Behaviourally, your child needs to be interested in using the potty. They may show this interest by asking about the potty, watching you use the potty, or trying to pull their nappy off.

Potty training too early can be frustrating for both of you.

signs your child isn't ready to start potty training

Signs your child is not ready for potty training:

Frequent wet or dirty nappies/diapers. If you are frequently changing your little one, and you aren’t noticing longer lengths of time that their nappy is dry in between changes, it’s a sign that they may not be ready for potty training yet.

No interest in the potty. If your child is not yet asking about the potty, wanting to sit on it, or showing an interest in watching you use the toilet, that’s okay. 

Keep talking to them about it and letting them see you use the toilet to help them build an interest and awareness.

They are still learning to follow instructions. Before starting potty training, we want to be sure your child can understand and follow simple instructions to help the make the transition smoother for you both. 

Resistance to using the potty. If your child resists or seems upset about trying to use the potty, then they may not be ready and need some more encouragement and support.

They may find it a little scary, or they may just be telling you they don’t feel prepared to give up their nappies just yet.

They are developing their communication skills. Communication skills can be an important part of potty training, so your child is able to indicate to you when they need a wee or a poo.

Physical challenges. If your child is experiencing challenges, such as constipation or urinary tract infections, seek support from your doctor about how to manage them before starting your potty training journey.

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