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We want to empower you to become your little one’s expert. This means that we look at sleep environment, personality, nutrition, and overall health in order to get a complete picture of what is going on. Sleep is connected to all the systems in the body and cannot be looked at in isolation. We are flexible in our approach, but it always comes back to three core aspects– consistency, time and patience. Our first rule is no judgement and no guilt, and our second rule is always be kind to yourself.

Meet The Team

Rosey - Founder and Lead Sleep Consultant

Rosey is our Founder and Lead Sleep Consultant at Just Chill Baby Sleep. Rosey is extremely passionate about making sleep information accessible to all parents. She is a mum of two girls from whom she drew inspiration to develop her method. She is not only a certified infant sleep consultant, but also a baby massage teacher, event and panel speaker, podcaster and writer. Rosey works with parenting brands, celebrity mums and publications to create informative and trusted content for parents. She carefully built our team to include others who also displayed a talent for solving the sleep struggles that parents face.

Katie - Sleep Consultant

My passion for sleep developed after my son Arlen was born – I quickly understood the importance and difficulty of getting a good night’s sleep for my baby and family. After establishing a routine that worked for him and my family, I decided to train as a sleep consultant so that I could share my experience with other families. Prior to becoming a sleep consultant I spent my teaching career working in large primary schools with on-site nurseries in East London – most recently working as an Assistant Head where it is apparent how important it is for children to arrive at school well rested and ready to learn.

Nada - Sleep Consultant

I’m a career mum of one and a certified infant sleep consultant – I am truly passionate about sleep and how important it is for children and parents to be happy, healthy and have a positive sleep routine in place. Since graduating with a BA Hons in Economics I’ve worked in fast paced corporate roles – when I had my daughter I knew that I needed to help us both get the sleep we needed so we could achieve our best. I trained as a Sleep Consultant so that I can help other parents understand their child’s sleep needs and be equipped to help them learn to sleep happily & peacefully.

Cleo - Clinical Psychologist and Sleep Consultant

I am a Clinical Psychologist who works with children, young people and their families. I have completed an MSc in Child Development at University College London and a Clinical Doctorate at the University of East London. Within my private and NHS work I have been passionate about exploring the experience of parents, in particular parents whose children have a health condition or a learning disability. When I became a mum I developed a broader interest in the mental health of all parents, in particular how important sleep is for our well-being. I believe that if we spend time thinking and understanding our emotions, we can feel more in control and capable during the challenging times that parenthood brings us. 

What do our past clients say about us?

We have helped hundreds of families to achieve better sleep with our 1-2-1 consultations, and hundreds more with the free content we share on our YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page. Here is just a small collection of the feedback we have received from the happy parents of well rested children

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