Corporate Packages

Corporate Packages

Investing in sleep support as part of your benefits packages will support your employee’s health and well-being as well as benefiting your business as a whole. Proactively working towards a better night’s sleep means a better day’s work.

We offer online courses, for a range of ages from newborn to four years, that provide parents with the knowledge and confidence to improve their family’s sleep.

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Sleep matters...

Achieving adequate amounts of quality sleep is vital.

Sleep deprivation not only influences an individual’s health and well-being but has a significant impact on a nation’s economy.

Parents lose more sleep than most.

Research shows that new parents suffer disrupted sleep for at least the first six years of parenthood.

Simple strategies can improve sleep.

Supporting employees with their family’s sleep can provide widespread benefits

Client Testimonial – Coventry Building Society

We are delighted to have partnered with Coventry Building Society to provide their employees with your children with resources to help with sleep.

Mehreen Aftab, Senior People Advisor – Employee Experience, shares why we were their chosen partner:

“When we heard about Just Chill Baby Sleep we thought it aligned really well with our family friendly values, and anything we can do to help our employees with young children to all get a better night’s sleep is great. We all know sleep is essential for our wellbeing. In the past we’ve done a lot around general adult sleep but nothing specific like this. Just Chill Baby sleep had a unique offering that will surely benefit our people”.

A successful pilot phase with a small group of employees confirmed that our courses were a valuable addition to Coventry Building Society’s employee well-being package.

Ian Wright from the Customer Service Change team was of the volunteers for the project:

“Countless nightly wake-ups and short naps resulted in a child who was just not her happy self and parents at the end of their tethers – Just Chill Baby Sleep to the rescue!

After working through the course material and following the advice we started to see positive results with a few days. The material was educational and really helped us understand what our little one was contending with. The course not only provided the means but it also gave us the confidence to actually  sort it out. By changing only a few of the behaviours we were able to get our little one sleeping all night and also taking consistent naps.

Our house has well and truly been transformed into a sleep rich, harmonious and happy home. We are thankful to Just Chill Baby Sleep for the advice and The Coventry for providing this to us”.

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