Early Days & Foundations of Sleep: 0-5 Months

Are you looking for clear, practical advice on how to navigate the first months with your new baby?

Would you like to know how to lay solid sleep foundations to support your baby as they grow?

Do you want to understand more about your baby’s sleep habits and needs?

Is your baby a few months old and suddenly their sleep has gone off track?

Our course can help you, whether you are pregnant or have a baby who is just a few weeks or months old.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to really understand your baby’s sleep?

There is an overwhelming amount of advice available to new parents about baby sleep, routines and the mental health of parents. We created this course to put straight forward, practical advice together in one place to support you through the early days with your baby.

The course will teach you how you can work towards great sleep habits, without ‘sleep training.’ It provides gentle solutions for settling and works towards the end goal of a settled night’s sleep, whilst understanding and responding to your baby’s needs.

As well as detailed guidance on sleep we have included other useful topics too! We can guide you on bringing your baby home, adjusting to becoming a parent, c- section scar massage and even baby massage which can help with bonding, digestion, and so much more!

How the course works...

This course will help you navigate the early weeks with your baby and guide you all the way through to five months of age. Even if you are past the newborn weeks, this course gives great advice to benefit babies whichever stage they are at.

You will have access to videos, written material and downloadable example schedules – including sections from our guest experts.

The course covers:

There is no time limit for how long you have access to the course and you can revisit any section as many times as you need to.

If you have any questions about how our courses work, you can see our FAQ section here.

Ready to learn more about your baby’s sleep?

What parents say:

My 5 month old has just nailed all his naps and this evening with some shushing and patting has fallen asleep independently. I am sat here crying with happiness and pride!
We purchased the 0-5 mth course when we were going through the 4 month regression and can I just say it has changed our lives!
She knows when it's bedtime now, I'll put her in her cot and she will have a little wiggle to get comfy then fall asleep. With a dream feed at 10pm she sleeps through until 6:30-7:30am!
Live changing doesn't even cut it!
I am sitting here whilst Ava (5 months) is 45 mins into her morning nap in her own cot!
Matilda is 14 weeks old and has been sleeping through consistently. Your 0-5 months course has helped me from the get go!
My little man used to only nap on me or in the car. He now naps in his cot 3/4 times a day. I feel happy as we have a routine and a happy baby.
We've been implementing your tips since our boy was 7 weeks old, he is now 4 months old and sleep from 7-4:40...7-7 we are coming for you!
Our 5 month old used to have to be rocked to sleep and would only nap for 30 mins and cry before going down. He is now getting solid naps and has slept 7-7
After a week of pretty sleepless nights we have been implementing the strategies for 2 weeks now and it has made a massive difference.