Personalised potty training plans and support

Our 1:1 potty training consultations are for those parents who want more personalised support.

Consultations take place with Dr Cleo Williamson – a Paediatric Clinical Psychologist. Working within the NHS and private sector, Cleo is passionate about all aspects of child development. More recently Cleo has specialised in Gastroenterology and works closely with families who experience challenges with Potty training.

What potty training support is available?

1:1 Packages

Our 1:1 potty training consultations include a telephone consultation along with follow up support. If you decide that you need further support after your initial consultation then we can help you organise this. 

Potty Power Package - £225

We want the families who choose us to feel confident and positive that we are the right experts for them.

You can visit the About Us section of the website to learn more about the Just Chill Baby Sleep team. You can also take a look at our online potty training course if you would prefer to follow course material at your own pace.

Got questions about our 1:1 Potty Training consultations?

Here are some common questions and answers about our consultations:

Once we have received your consultation request form a member of the team will get in touch to talk to you about scheduling in your consultation with  Dr Cleo.

We offer consultations on a first come first served basis. We strive to offer an appointment as soon as possible after you make your request.

Yes, our telephone consultations are available worldwide. As long as we can reach you on the telephone then we can offer you an appointment.