Sleep Success: 19 months – 4 years

Would you like to help your child sleep more soundly at night and improve their naps?

Is your child waking through the night and struggling to get back to sleep?

Do you want to understand your child’s sleep needs and how to help them sleep happily in their own sleep space?

Would you like to know more about transitioning your little one from a cot to bed?

Want to know how and when to drop their nap?

Are you looking for clear, practical advice on how to support your child to achieve better quality sleep?

Banish bedtime battles, tricky naps and broken night’s sleep

There is an overwhelming amount of advice available to parents about children’s sleep. When you are sleep deprived it can feel hard to know where to start. It is not always easy to see the simple changes that you can make to help your child get the sleep that they need.

For toddlers and young children there are a lot of changes to navigate that can throw sleep off track; starting nursery, welcoming a sibling, moving from a cot into a bed and dropping their nap are just a few of them!

This course covers everything from the science of sleep to how to create a great daily schedule to help guide you through these months and years. It is all broken down into easy to digest sections. You will have access to videos, written material, plus downloadable schedules and step by step plans to support your child to sleep happily.

How the course works...

This course will help you create your own sleep plan to support your child to achieve more predictable naps and restful night sleep.

You will have access to videos, written material and downloadable example daily routines to help create a plan that works for your family.

There is no time limit for how long you have access to the course and you can revisit any section as many times as you need to.

If you have any questions about how our courses work, you can see our FAQ section here.

Ready to learn more about your child’s sleep?

What parents say:

Thank you so so so much. I feel like a new woman and she's the happiest she has been in such a long time this morning!
Just had a 10 hour sleep! The most sleep I have had in 2 years! We just needed to hear it from you to have the confidence to go for it!
Our 20 month old just wouldn't sleep unless she was in our bed - one night it took her to settle in her own cot! Amazing!
Started your course with our 2 year old and after 2 nights of your course we just had a bath, story and goodnight kiss and she is asleep in her bed!
By night 3 we had a 2 year old who went to bed with no protest, stayed in her own bed and settled herself from awake to asleep in 15 minutes! I'm so proud of her.
My 21 month old has gone from waking between 4/5am and barely scraping a nap to now sleeping 7-6 and he has a solid two hour nap.
Our 20 month old just wouldn't sleep unless she was in our bed - one night it took her to settle in her own cot! amazing!