Refer A Friend Scheme

Refer a friend or family member to our online sleep courses and you can earn a £5 voucher for a range of retailers as a thank you.

By joining our Refer A Friend Scheme you can share your referral code with as many people as you like, and for each one that goes on to buy a course you can get  thank you voucher.

Spread the word of sleep and you can treat yourself in lots of different shops and restaurants!

How does is work?

  1. Join the scheme here, you will need to create a Refer A Friend account to get started.
  2. Once you’re logged in you can get your referral code and share it with friends, family or members of your local or online groups.
  3. For every person who goes on to buy one of our courses using your referral link you’ll earn a £5 voucher.
  4. You can redeem your vouchers for lots of different retailers – you can see the list here.
  5. You can refer as many people as you wish, for each one that buys a course you get another voucher as a thank you to enjoy!

Terms and Conditions of the Refer A Friend Scheme can be found here.

Top Tips

  • Share privately – you can share your code with a friend or family member who would benefit from some sleep support.
  • Share on socials – tell all your friends and family about our online courses on your social channels.
  • Share with groups – if you have found our online courses helpful then others in your local or online groups can benefit too.

You can join the Refer a Friend scheme today and start sharing…