The Ultimate Baby Bundle

Everything you need to guide you through the early months with your baby.

Our best selling younger baby courses combined to create the ultimate guide to sleep from birth to 9 months plus the guide for starting solid food  – all for a discounted price!

Our award-winning courses have helped thousands of families sleep better.

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Expert advice to guide you through all things sleep & introducing solid foods.

Love the early months and create great sleep foundations – with confidence.

Overcome sleep challenges, shape a predictable routine and help the whole family sleep better.

Prepare for your weaning journey with your baby, and enjoy exploring food together.

Lifetime access to award winning expert courses to guide you every step of the way.

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What's Included?

0-5 month baby sleep training course

Sleep Course: 0-5 months

Usually £45

Everything you need to navigate the early months with your baby!

  • Preparing for your new arrival
  • Introducing your newborn to siblings
  • Safer sleep guidance
  • Parental mental wellbeing
  • C-section recovery
  • What to expect in the 4th trimester
  • Sleep environment
  • Sleep cycles and hormones
  • Sleep associations
  • Suggested daily routines and schedules by age
  • How to practice settling to sleep
  • Baby massage sequences (with videos!)
  • How to make changes to sleep
  • and more…
6-9 month baby sleep training course

Sleep Course: 6-9 months

Usually £45

A step-by-step guide to predictable naps and restful nights!

  • Setting sleep goals
  • Sleep diary
  • Science of sleep
  • Creating their perfect sleep environment
  • How to create a great routine
  • Suggested routine and schedules
  • Early waking
  • How to make changes to sleep
  • A choice of settling methods
  • Room sharing
  • Making sleep changes when you have an older child
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • and more…
baby starting solid food weaning course

Starting Solids Course

Usually £29.50

Introduce your baby to solid food with confidence!

  • When to start weaning
  • Food and sleep
  • Baby led weaning or pureed food?
  • Which foods and meals to introduce first
  • Food preparation tips
  • Vitamins
  • Common allergens and foods to avoid
  • Vegan and vegetarian diets
  • How to introduce solid foods alongside milk feeds
  • Drinks and cups
  • Nutrition tips for parents
  • and more…

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